The sight of peerless worth…

Recently Frank Viola referred, in one of his blogs, to a little poem by Ora Rowen. The words touched me –  I thought I would share them with you, my friends…

‘Tis the look that melted Peter

‘Tis the face that Stephen saw

‘Tis that heart that wept with Mary

Can alone from idols draw


What has stripped the seeming beauty

From the idols of the earth? 

Not a sense of right and duty

But the sight of peerless worth


Not the crushing of those idols

With its bitter void and smart

But the beaming of His beauty

The unveiling of His heart

May we be captivated… 

The essence of it…

As someone committed to Jesus and ‘simple/organic church,’ I was so heartened this week by the witness of one of our original house church members, Girly Gcememe. She is a single young adult mom, her 1st language is isiXhosa, and she works at a petrol station on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth. We have constantly reminded our fellow-believers that ‘church’ needs to happen wherever we are/go, including the marketplace. Let me give you her story in her own words…

First of all, this is not something that we plan, no, it just happens or should I say it comes naturally. We (Girly and her colleagues) all have a ‘church background’ and we come from different churches and beliefs, which makes it interesting. I love singing, so there’s never a day that goes by without me worshiping, so I’d just sing and everyone joins in, u’d swear  (South African colloquialism meaning ‘you would be convinced’) it’s a house church! We mostly sing when something good or bad happens, or when our boss praises us because that does not often happen. In our shock we would say, GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT for He is the one that makes him notice our hard work.

Sometimes one of us would come up with a topic about one of the verses from the Bible and open a discussion, we’d come up with different views/opinions until we just agree or agree to disagree. At night there is this guy who always visits us when working night shift, he works at ADT security company, he has been an inspiration to us. He is a kind-hearted person, good with words and a great believer in GOD, every time he’s with us we feel blessed because he encourages us to work hard, keep praising GOD, keep sharing His WORD, not forgetting to stay humble.

Now I can gladly say we can see a change in our boss’s attitude toward us, customers and other people in general. People are starting to see us for who we really are and not just kids working at the garage with no future, they are starting to recognise our hard work… GOD’S WORK. And as for me, GOD has been listening to my prayers, I may not have the best job yet but I can still provide for my family, that’s GOD’S WORK. I now know how to converse with GOD, how to appreciate Him and to be thankful for all the good he has done in my life. I am always under GOD’S wing, he is my shelter, my everything now & forever. 

MAKUBENJALO!!! (isiXhosa for ‘Amen!’)

PS. Our boss lady finally went to church last week! (I need to remind Girly again that we can’t ‘go to church’ for we are the Church… it takes time to get rid of Christianese!)

PPS. Please pray for Girly – she hasn’t got Grade 12 although she recently helped her cousin to pass Grade 12! She has good potential for further education…