Please take a look at the following video-clip:

I just love how the released lion is so alive, pawing the earth, prancing, panting, rolling in the thick grass, twitching his ears… A graphic parable of how we felt approximately nine years ago when the Lord sovereignly engineered our exit from our last traditional pastorate and led us into the unknown, just a little bit like Abraham (Heb. 11:8-10), and into trusting Jesus more fully… Let us praise God for his faithfulness in 2015 and enter 2016 with courage and assurance!

Best wishes for the New Year, from Melanie and myself.

2 thoughts on “A BIT OF NEW YEAR’S FUN!

  1. I love this clip Erroll and felt the exact same thrill, joy and wonder when I first saw it. What a marvelous picture of our ‘coming home’ into the sweet fellowship of Christ that was always ours in the first place. Thank you for this great reminder! Blessings for you and Melanie and family.

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