No You Can’t, Uh Uh, No Way!

Hi All,

I am, in addition to many others, re-blogging this blog from Bread For the Bride (Cheryl McGrath from Australia) because it is so biblical, beautifully written, so disturbing and yet inspiring. It reminded me of Bonhoeffer’s classic ‘The Cost of Discipleship,’ which I have turned to again and again. May I commend Cheryl’s blog to you all…

Bread for the Bride


So there was Jesus making His way along the road. And there was the usual crowd, pressing, squabbling, gawking, chattering.  Seems a familiar scenario – Jesus and crowds go together, right?  No, not this day.  This day Jesus turns, faces the crowd and presents them with something they didn’t come for.

“You can’t follow Me” He tells them.

“He’s joking, right?  Here we are, right here, Jesus, right behind You.  You can plainly see we’re following You.”

“No, you can’t follow Me” He repeats.

Not “you should go home now and come back tomorrow”; not “I need some quiet time”; but simply “You are unable to follow Me!  To be frank you don’t have what it takes.”

Well, we know that Jesus was good at drawing crowds but we don’t always realize how good He was at dispersing them. This day He’s sure to do just that. …

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