[To my blog visitor from Ukraine, welcome! My grandfather was born of German Baptist stock in N.W. Ukraine in the late 1890’s, and emigrated as a young man to the USA. He married and left for South Africa with his young family in the mid 1930’s. I firmly believe that my unexpected, radical conversion to Christ was as a result of the faithful prayers of my forbears!]

Here is a prayer I sometimes pray when I need to calm my spirit. It is by the American mystic and Trappist monk Thomas Merton, 1915-1968.

“The chief thing that has struck me today is that I still have my fingers too much in the running of my own life. The first essential is missing. I only say I trust You. My actions prove that the one I trust is myself – and that I am still afraid of You.

Take my life into Your hands, at last, and do whatever You want with it. I give myself to Your love – rejecting neither the hard things nor the pleasant things you have for me. It is enough for me that You have glory. Everything you have planned is good. It is all love.

The way You have laid open before me is an easy way compared with the hard way of my own will which leads back to Egypt, and to bricks without straw.

If You allow people to praise me, I shall not worry. If You let them blame me, I shall worry even less, but be glad. If You send me work, I shall embrace it with joy and it will be rest to me, because it is Your will. And if You send me rest, I will rest in You. Only save me from myself. Save me from my own, private, poisonous urge to change everything, to act without reason, to move for movement’s sake, to unsettle everything You have ordained.

Let me rest in Your will and be silent. Then the light of Your joy will burn in my heart and shine for Your glory. This is what I live for.     Amen, amen.





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