Need some encouragement?

When we operate in smaller organic house churches, it is important to realise that we form part of the wider Body of Christ in our village/town/city/nation, and in fact across the globe.


Hence I share a summarised snippet from Wolfgang Simson’s last newsletter. He writes how at a recent church leaders’ summit (involving himself and Dr. Victor Choudrie) in Hyderabad India, representing some 30 nations, it was concluded that ‘the gospel of the Kingdom’ and a return to ‘house churches’ is seeing very different and far more positive returns amongst Muslims than traditional Christian approaches. Among delegates were several leaders who had, single-handedly, baptised more than 100,000 people – as Wolfgang puts it, “a very good reason for ‘tennis elbow!'” May the day soon come, in the favour of God, when many of us will also suffer from ‘tennis elbow!’ It would be worth the hazard, not so?  


PS. I will never forget the joy, in the 1990’s, of sharing in the baptism of 400+ baptismal candidates in Pr. Dion Robert’s congregation, in Abidjan, Coite de Voir. And they had been discipled in the matter of baptism for some 6 months… 


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